Terra Ceia 2016 Mullet Smoke off
Hello Fellow Mullet Smokers!!

it’s that time of year!!!!!!!!

It’s that time of year again! November 5th 2016 will be our 17th Annual Mullet Smoke Off!

We are contacting you to see if you are interested in participating in the competition. Each participant will receive a t-shirt and 2 lunch coupons. Each participant must have 6 mullet – One to present to the judges at 1PM and 5 for the VIA to sell for our lunches. Please see the enclosed registration form or contact us through www.terra-ceia-via.com There will be a meeting the morning of all smoke off contestants the morning of the event at 7AM, breakfast will be provided. Contestants may spend the night at the park if desired and the park will be open at 5AM the morning of the event. We do ask that this year if you chose to stay overnight at the park that noise will be kept down after 10AM, we are courteous to other people staying at the park and any fires made must be self-contained.

There will be beer/wine/music/a mullet toss, art & crafts and this year we are pleased to share that we will join up with THE BEN GULLET MULLET TOURNAMENT! This is new and exciting and if you would like to participate in that as well please do! Their website is www.BenmulletGullett.com This event is November 4th & 5th and is sponsored by the Gullett Family. Proceeds to benefit outdoor activities for youth.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there!

Julie Shelton
2016 Mullet Smoke Off Fan

Download the application form below:
Smoker invite 2016.docx Smoker invite 2016.docx
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