2019 Mullet Smoke- Off

& Arts and Crafts Show
Below photos courtesy of Steve Nesius, steve@sjnphoto.com, 941-915-1836 and Mike Koughan.

L to R,Volunteers Cleaning Mullet, Mullet Catching Crew.

L to R   Judging Table., Mullet Toss

L to R  Smoking in Big Bertha, From the Judging Table

Mullet Smoke Off Winner Lynn Albert

winner pbscrew
Smoke Off Winner Lynn Albert PBS Crew South by Somewhere

Photos by Candy Hobbs

mullet_smoking grilling_cakes
Mullet Smoking Grilling Mullet Cakes
Secret Recipe for Grilling Mullet Cakes and Hush Puppies

Event Coordinator Thanks

The wine booth team rocked!

Many, many thanks to Heidi Enneking for arriving at 8:00 with me, and all her help with set up, sales  and glass painting.  Also shout out to Tina Egan and her friend Dee, such a pleasure working with them, they brought great energy!  Also, so enjoyed the company of Nina Saarikko,  Elise Verch, and Pam Waterman and getting to know them better as they helped in our booth.  What a great way to get to know our neighbors a little more by working side by side with them on a project like this.

I feel so blessed to have had Ungala Grace and Lily Ingram on our team.  These two were angels supporting me all day in the wine booth.  I will always be grateful for your kindness and also for Ungala’s fabulous talent and creativity in her amazing glasses. 

Loads of gratitude to Shellie Szeezil for hanging with me during the final shift and all her work closing our booth down.  Also many thanks to her mom, Norma, for her purchase and donation of 38 wine glasses for us to paint.  Finally, hugs to all the Art Hos, Heidi, Kasey, Terry Furber, and Ungala for help painting all the beautiful glasses

We started with 318 glasses and sold 239 of them.  Our gross sales were over $2400.

It was wonderful to see repeat customers returning to buy multiple glasses and to hear how much they treasure them.

Great job and many thanks to all❣️😘

Jill Harrison, Coordinator

Hand Painted Wine Glass Booth

TCI Smoke-Off Parking Team,

As we close the books on the 20th Annual Terra Ceia Smoke-Off, I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all the time and effort you contributed as a parking team member.  As always, we achieved all of our team goals amidst a record crowd and the challenge of less parking space in Seabreeze Park than we’ve previously had.

Whether you helped with setting-up or tearing-down, parking, directing traffic, counting attendees, transporting, securing golf carts, greeting guests or acquiring radios, know your individual and collective efforts contributed to making our guests feel welcome and safe. I am especially grateful as I know every team member stayed longer than their allotted time to ensure that we had all our bases covered. 

Finally, over the next few days, the Smoke-Off committee will meet to reflect on what went well, what can be improved, how many people were in attendance and how much money was earned. Later, the Board will be seeking input as to how to best use our profits. 

In the spirit of continuous improvement, I would like any feedback or suggestions that you have that could make our team even more productive during next year’s event.  Feel free to email me and I will take all input to the board for consideration.

 Finally, in the midst of all the effort it takes to pull off this event, it’s important to realize that the true goal of the Smoke-Off is not about raising money or making physical improvements to our shared properties. It’s about working together to build a sense of community amongst our island residents. In order to do that, we have to give a little bit of ourselves to create a greater good and this weekend we exemplified that.  Personally, I am proud of the efforts of our team but am mostly grateful for getting to know each of you a little bit better.     


Mark Rolewski, Chair

2019 TCI Smoke-Off Team

Ernie Broderick, Jon Goings, Hugh Holmes, Casey Ingram

Jim Jacobsen, Tom Kendricks, Tom Lyons, Marty Morrow

Rob Neitzke, Mark Rolewski, Chris Schuchardt, Sarah St. Clair

Alex Teed, Bruce Taylor, Jeff Thomas, Stewart Thoreson

Talon Van Wert, Bill Vogel, George Waller, Rand Waterman

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