2019 Mullet Smoke- Off

& Arts and Crafts Show
Below photos courtesy of Steve Nesius, steve@sjnphoto.com, 941-915-1836 and Mike Koughan.

L to R,Volunteers Cleaning Mullet, Mullet Catching Crew.

L to R   Judging Table., Mullet Toss

L to R  Smoking in Big Bertha, From the Judging Table

winner pbscrew
Smoke Off Winner Lynn Albert PBS Crew South by Somewhere

Photos Below by Candy Hobbs

mullet_smoking grilling_cakes
Mullet Smoking Grilling Mullet Cakes
mullet_smoking wine_booth
L to R Secret Recipe for Grilling Mullet Cakes and Hush Puppies, Wine Glass Booth
Event Coordinator Thanks


Mark Lewis, and Billy Benson, caught the mullet served at the Mullet Smoke-Off, with help from Kenny Wallace, Pete Langdon, and Paul Riggs. These men have been loyal to this event for many years and catch these mullet rain or shine.  A BIG thank you to the fishermen. 

CLEANING THE MULLET - All 950 mullet were cleaned, scrapped, and packed in two days by Tommy Conely, Ernie Broderick, Jack and Kim Thomas, Richard Kermode, Phil Fleming, John Wolf, Hugh Holmes, Randy Welsh, Frank Harrison, Casey Ingram, Steve Furber, Terry Furber, Birgitte & Jon Goings, Eddie & Kathy Riley, and George Perreault.

SMOKING THE MULLET - Thursday, Oct. 31st the mullet smoking began early and lasted all day with Mark Wabeke,  Kimberly & Stephen Wehrmann, Joe Dougherty, Steve Furber, Rand Waterman, Pete Langdon, Paul Riggs, Hugh Holmes,  and Eric Bowers

ADVERTISING - Steve Nesius served as Advertising Extraordinaire! Besides the usual outlets, newspaper, tv, radio, etc., he focused on ongoing electronic media...even including pictures of past Smoke Offs and artists, creative products.   Steve also cut out and sanded 20 six foot long wooden mullets for island artists to paint.  Displaying the colorful fish drew lots of attention and we hope that this initiative becomes an annual tradition.  Thanks to Steve and all who participated.  


MULLET BAKE - Two hundred seventy eight of the mullet were baked and bagged for the cakes and spread by Jill Harrison, Terry Furber, and Janet Thoreson

RECIPES - The recipes for our delicious Mullet Cakes and Hush Puppies are from the Hubbard Family, (one of the founding families of TCI) from Ken Hubbard Rd) and resident of Mullet Manor, George Perreault. George and Jill Harrison coordinated the pre-MSO kitchen and worked along side Tony Schwarz, Terry Furber, Dana Wiest, Teri Bouwer, Janet Thoreson, Birgitte Runge Goings, and Kathy Stasko to make the mullet cake mix and hush puppies.

MULLET PATTIES - The following day mullet patties were made by Michelle & Curt Myhree, Tony Schwarz, Jessica Hindman, Pam Waterman, Janet Thoreson, Tami Zonies, and Birgitte Goings.

COLE SLAW was mixed and bagged by Jessica Hindman, Terry Furber, Mary Adams, and Jill Harrison

MulletCakesHushPuppyMakers BBQ PORK - Twelve huge pork butts were cooked all day in borrowed crock pots and pulled in the evening by Austin Hindman, Nick Baxter, Kasey Kendrick, Birgitte Goings, Janet Thoreson, Tom Kendrick, and Nancy Vasquez.

MULLET SPREAD - Frank & Jill Harrison made and donated all the delicious mullet spread, and Dana Wiest, Teri Bouwer, Janet Thoreson, Tami Zonies, Tony Schwarz, Yvonne Alphonso, and Birgitte Runge-Goings spread it in 350 cups and 54 pints, about 150 lbs all together.

PURCHASING - Huge accolades to Cindy Rolewski who coordinated all purchased items, ran all over the county to shop for the best prices, inventoried and delivered goods to the park, and delivered left over items back to the hall after working all day in the cook pavilion. Then the morning after, Cindy inventoried left overs, packed items in tubs and stored for the next year. She also returned unopened items for credit, saving considerable money for the VIA. Thanks for being such a competent leader Cindy.

The 20th Annual Mullet Smoke-Off and Art Show

MULLET SMOKING CONTESTANTS - Thanks to our VIA President, Melissa Langdon for coordinating all 23 contestants. 1st Place was Lynn Albert, 2nd Place was Mark Gullet, and 3rd place was Bobby Ball.

CAST NETTING CONTEST - Thanks to Mark (Gator) Spong for coordinating our cast netting contest and donating the cast net for the winner.

MULLET TOSS - Thanks to Kurt Thoreson for coordinating the toss.  We grossed $815 and netted $410. 

ART & CRAFTS - The many arts and craftsmen at the 2019 Mullet Smoke-Off had a successful day. They added a touch of class to the event and another option, between the cast netting contest, and the mullet toss.  It gives our talented Terra Ceia, and local artists, a chance to showcase their work, and make some money as well.   Thirty eight booths were the perfect amount for the event.  Our art coordinator Bobbi Vogel would like to pass her knowledge on to someone willing to work with her.

Please contact Janet Thoreson if interested in working with Bobbi to learn and help coordinate the arts and crafts for the 2020 Mullet Smoke-Off.

Here’s breakdown of art show leader responsibilities:
1. February - September: To find new and “appropriate artists” for the Mullet Smoke Off guests and residents, attending art shows months before the Smoke Off date is necessary. Most artists sign up for art shows 6-9 months in advance, so it is important to start early so the “good” art candidates know of the TCI event. Keep track of name and contact information of the artists you desire. Print Art Show vendor sign up sheets to take with you. Distribute to the artists that you think will “be a fit”.
2. April - October: Correspondence with potential artists: last year’s artists, anyone that has contacted you, any names of artists that have been given to you, etc.
3. July/August: Send registration form to all serious candidates. Get application and fee. Work closely with TCI VIA Treasurer. July/August
4. July: Notify VIA members of any needs
5. September/October/November: Paperwork and ongoing communication including booth location and times for set up/tear  down. Correspond with PR person regarding vendor names/art, etc.
6. October: Create Art Show vendor list for handout. Run 400 copies.
7. Report total artists to Smoke Off Chair for breakfast goodies for the artists. 
8. Day before: Line booth locations; Stay at park to greet artists who set up.
9. Day of: Arrive by 6:30 AM to greet artists and OK booth location.
10.Day of: Distribute breakfast goodies
11.Day of: Circulate among booths: provide bathroom break if necessary
12.Day of: Check for artist satisfaction, desire for returning next year.
13.See each one before they leave.
14.Write final report. Keep good notes throughout the year for the following year’s work.

Dear TCI Smoke-Off Parking Team,
As we close the books on the 20th Annual Terra Ceia Smoke-Off, I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all the time and effort you contributed as a parking team member.  As always, we achieved all of our team goals amidst a record crowd and the challenge of less parking space in Seabreeze Park than we’ve previously had.
Whether you helped with setting-up or tearing-down, parking, directing traffic, counting attendees, transporting, securing golf carts, greeting guests or acquiring radios, know your individual and collective efforts contributed to making our guests feel welcome and safe. I am especially grateful as I know every team member stayed longer than their allotted time to ensure that we had all our bases covered. 
Finally, over the next few days, the Smoke-Off committee will meet to reflect on what went well, what can be improved, how many people were in attendance and how much money was earned. Later, the Board will be seeking input as to how to best use our profits. 
In the spirit of continuous improvement, I would like any feedback or suggestions that you have that could make our team even more productive during next year’s event.  Feel free to email me and I will take all input to the board for consideration.
Finally, in the midst of all the effort it takes to pull off this event, it’s important to realize that the true goal of the Smoke-Off is not about raising money or making physical improvements to our shared properties. It’s about working together to build a sense of community amongst our island residents. In order to do that, we have to give a little bit of ourselves to create a greater good and this weekend we exemplified that.  Personally, I am proud of the efforts of our team but am mostly grateful for getting to know each of you a little bit better.     

Mark Rolewski, Chair
2019 TCI Smoke-Off Parking Team
Ernie Broderick, Jon Goings, Hugh Holmes, Casey Ingram, Jim Jacobsen, Tom Kendricks,Tom Lyons, Marty Morrow, Rob Neitzke Mark Rolewski, Chris Schuchardt, Sarah St. Clair, Alex Teed, Bruce Taylor, Jeff Thomas, Stewart Thoreson, Talon Van Wert, Bill Vogel George Waller, Rand Waterman

TRASH DUTY - Jon Goings worked all day emptying trash cans all over the park.  Thanks Jon!

The Information, Volunteer Check-In, and First Aide Booth volunteers started our busy morning with Michelle Myhree and Lisa Lawrence.  Patty Fleming took over in the afternoon, and Diane Yerger finished up the day.  All ladies wearing many hats as nurse, information giver, and passing out a free beverage and t-shirt ticket to all the hard working volunteers.   

T - SHIRTS - The T-shirt Booth was headed up by Bob Zonies. They were slammed at times, though had steady business all day.  Thanks to Alec Nesius, Roxanne Britt, Carol Schultz, Dana Wiest, Teri Bouwer, Susan Fulford, Jim Brady, and Paul & Margi Cornell for selling over 400 shirts, and providing all (83) volunteers and (19) contestants with a free t-shirt.   

The wine booth team rocked!

Many, many thanks to Heidi Enneking for arriving at 8:00 with me, and all her help with set up, sales  and glass painting.  Also shout out to Tina Egan and her friend Dee, such a pleasure working with them, they brought great energy!  Also, so enjoyed the company of Nina Saarikko,  Elise Verch, and Pam Waterman and getting to know them better as they helped in our booth.  What a great way to get to know our neighbors a little more by working side by side with them on a project like this.
I feel so blessed to have had Ungala Grace and Lily Ingram on our team.  These two were angels supporting me all day in the wine booth.  I will always be grateful for your kindness and also for Ungala’s fabulous talent and creativity in her amazing glasses.  Loads of gratitude to Shellie Szeezil for hanging with me during the final shift and all her work closing our booth down.  Also many thanks to her mom, Norma, for her purchase and donation of 38 wine glasses for us to paint.  Finally, hugs to all the Art Hos, Heidi, Kasey, Terry Furber, and Ungala for help painting all the beautiful glasses
We started with 318 glasses and sold 239 of them.  Our gross sales were over $2400.
It was wonderful to see repeat customers returning to buy multiple glasses and to hear how much they treasure them.
Great job and many thanks to all❣️😘
Coordinator, Jill Harrison

The Kitchen
The crew in the Cook Pavilion worked tirelessly all day providing food for our 2,188 visitors.  We got a perfect score from the health inspector which was a huge relief as she placed a thermometer in every dish.  The pace was very fast but manageable. 
Kasey opened a 4th register as a cashier and had to float back to the beer booth at times to check on things.   Mary who was her runner, was on point and handled all the orders smoothly. "We definitely need to split the kitchen responsibilities even further from front line runners and cashiers from the back line food prep and servers." Thanks to Jill and Frank Harrison for laying a great blueprint for us to follow.  Our success goes to them.
Meal Prep included Cindy Rolewski, Kay Wagner, Kathy Stasko, Mary Helen Kermode, Sarah St. Clair, Tami Zonies, Sylvia Goh-McGinn, Mary Adams, Tom Glancy, Rhonda Jolly, Mike and Cris Koughan, Yvonne Alphonso, Pam and Rand Waterman, and Lisa Lawrence. 
Cashiers were Sandra Harley, Nancy Vasquez, Susan Balsley, Julie Shelton, Rose Martin, Bob and Candy Hobbs, and Bob Zonies. 
Runners for the cashiers were Karen Starr, Cris Koughan, Lauren Jolly, David Jolly, Marina Glascow, Ayden Bassett, Preston Szeezil, and Steve Rez
Mullet and Bean Warmers all day were Mark Wabeke, Joe Daugherty, and Richard Kermode.
Hush Puppy Fryers were Dave Bassett, and Jeff Jackson also at it all day long without a break.
Mullet Cake Grillers were George Perreault, and Hugh Holmes. Thanks to Terry and Steve Furber for giving them a much needed two hour break. 
Desserts - Mary Helen Kermode tapped into our coconut telegraph and asked residents to provide brownies, individually wrapped cookies, and other tasty morsels for dessert.  She never has a problem getting enough for the day, and appreciates all that participated.  Mary Helen began coordinating our Seafood Festivals in 1983 and made the money to build the pavilions. She continues to volunteer with husband Richard, and worked from 8 am until 3:30.
The Beer Tent wouldn't have run without Nick Baxter taking charge and changing kegs. Casey Ingram brought a tent that covered the beer serving area and saved us from baking in the sun. Erik Almquist lent us the fans to cool the kitchen staff and beer tent with a breeze. There were so many awesome volunteers. Steve & Terry Furber, Bill & Laura Krul, Tina Egan and friend Dee, Erik Almquist and Liz Porcaro, Chris & Laurie Schuchardt served beer until 6:00.  Julie Shelton was fabulous checking id's and making sure we were legally serving.
So many came together to make it successful. A group effort by all made it possible.
  Cheers to another successful Mullet Smoke Off!
Kasey and Tom Kendrick,  Kitchen and Beer Coordinators
A very special thanks to Janet Thoreson for heading up this 20th Annual Smoke-Off, coordinating meetings, ordering, and following up on everything.    
George Waller added all of this, and some great photos for this website.  Thank you George!
Our net profit was $19,457.29.  Please begin thinking about how you want to improve our park, and historical Hall.

We'll be voting soon!  We can't change the world, but you can make a difference on Terra Ceia Island.
Volunteer Coordinator, Tami Zonies 

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