Mullet Notes!
The parking lot was full all day & cars lined the street and down the road! There were people everywhere!! Ernie Broderick, Bill Vogel, Mark Rolewski along with Steve, (Diane Yerger’s brother), manned the parking & did an outstanding job!!
We had six vendors at the Smoke Off. One of the vendors said that this was the best show she had ever set up at! All the vendors were extremely happy with the day!
But most of all, the committee was thrilled with the whole event. So many members showed up to help. Some signed up for 2 hours and ended up working 7 hours (thanks Susan Balsley). Donations from members were outstanding. Kandee Steigner made over 100 pounds of delicious potato salad. Monica DeLesline (who doesn’t like mullet) worked 6 hours as a cashier! We were told the mullet cakes (which ran out around 2pm) were the best cakes they had ever had (new recipe, and all!). Frank Harrison smoked mullet and prepared cups & cups of mullet spread. Most importantly, “Gator” Spong caught all the fish (with some help from friends) and it wouldn’t have been a “Smoke Off ” without him & his help smoking the mullet, too!
Alicia Sebacher ran a smooth kitchen. Her dad, Dick Schiffer was indespensible as was Joe Dougherty’s mom, Diane Dougherty. Jim Jacobsen and Mark Wabeke kept the mullet coming for the diners. Cashiers were Monica DeLesline, Bobbi Vogel, and Susan Balsley. Servers were Cindy Rolewski & Lisa Lawrence, Kay Wagner, Alicia Sebacher, her sister, Lynn Gilman, Julia Applegate, Julie Shelton, Connie Remaley & Jake Shelton. Mary Helen Kermode, who worked the first shift, pulled all the desserts together with the help of many members who prepared them. Nancy Vazquez worked the second shift. Desserts alone garnered over $500!
Kathy Stasko made the hush puppies while George Perrault & Mike Remaley cooked the hush puppies & the mullet cakes. As a side note, special thanks to Cindy Rolewski, Bobbi Vogel, Kathy Stasko, Birgitte Goings, Sandy Miller & Julie Shelton for helping me make the recipe for the mullet cakes. Tami Zonies, Joe Dougherty, & Dick Schiffer made the mullet cakes.
Joe Dougherty, Birgitte Goings, Julie Shelton, Cindy Rolewski & Kathy Stasko made the b-b-q pork which generated great reviews!
Kandee Steigner, along with Tammy & Jim Pruett sold the beer. They emptied 9 (NINE) kegs! Great job!! The beer sales netted over $2000!
Tami Zonies designed a very successful shirt. We had some smalls & mediums left but all in all, we practically sold out!! Thanks to Jean Morrow, Melissa Neitzke, Jason & Christina Barret for manning the t-shirt booth. Jean Morrow designed the poster that drew lots of people in! Max Matthes dressed up our US 19 sign (that Alicia Sebacher made & Joe Dougherty installed) and put a huge pin wheel at the event. Stewart Thoreson designed and installed the fish directionals. Thanks to DJ Borbidge & Brooke Boyd (Hype Marketing) for outstanding press releases.
Christine Holmes oversaw the judging. Ricky Gullett won, Mark Gullet came in second & Jim Benson won third. They were each awarded a trophy (new this year), a miniature smoker with a plaque designating their win! Thanks to the judges: Gator Spong, Ernie Broderick, Chuck Hardesty, Susan Elliot and Dick Schiffer.
Jon Goings was able to get a cast net donated & he ran that contest. Kurt Thoreson ran the mullet toss with the able assistance of Raymond Lawrence. The two games brought in over $500!
One highlight of the day was that we had 3 dog rescues with us. Each one has very positive prospects for some of the dogs. They were all thrilled with the day... & we donated over $285 from the beer tip jar to “Almost Home” Rescue and they live right here on Terra Ceia. They were extremely grateful & look forward to next year!
Others we would like to thank are Evyn Lawrence & Gator Spong for pressure washing at the park, Michelle Detweiler for donation of propane for the fryers, Gene Morris for the donation of the wood for smoking the mullet, Hugh Holmes for the toilet used in the Mullet Toss, Johnson Printing for the poster printing at no cost to us and Paula Broderick for tallying the judges points in Smoke Off competition. In addition, thanks to Steve Nesius, Frank Harrison, Alicia Sebacher, Joe Dougherty, Diane Dougherty, Stewart Thoreson, Mike Koughan and Jon & Birgitta Goings for help with clean-up after all the festivities ended.
Hopefully, I haven’t forgotten anyone and if I did, for that, I am sorry. We certainly are grateful!
Joe Dougherty and I have already started formulating the event for next year (November 8, 2014) and, if it turns out to be as successful as this one, we will be SO happy. A very big THANK YOU to all who helped & to all that attended! We are glad we could continue the Terra Ceia Mullet Smoke Off tradition started by John Tindall and headed up by the Langdon’s for the last years. Here’s to the future and this all shows... it really does take a Village (Improvement Association)!
Janet Thoreson & Joe Dougherty Co-Chairs Mullet Smoke Off