2013 Poker Regatta
Kayak, Canoe or Stand-Up Paddling from Terra Ceia Bay to Tampa Bay (and back)
by Melissa Neitzke
Top Banner: Kayakers flood the starting line in Terra Ceia Bay.
Above: Kayakers traverse Miguel Bay. Both photos courtesy of Steve Nesius.
reporting The 10th annual Terra Ceia Island Poker Regatta, held on Saturday, May 11 at Seabreeze Park, was a smashing success! Not only did we have beautiful weather and amazing volunteers, but we had the highest number of paddlers (98) since the inception. Many of the paddlers said this regatta was the best one to date!
Unloading and preparing for paddle. Photo courtesy Mike Kougan.  
Registration Registration began at 8:00 AM, but many eager paddlers arrived early. Our important volunteers working the sign-in table, Bobbi Vogel, Tammy Zonies and Melissa Neitzke.
Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan.
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Captain Bob Zonies hosted the regatta meeting at 9:15, explaining the rules, discussing the two courses and stressing that it was not a race. meeting
  Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan.
  Brian Elliott of Little Off Key provided island rhythms. Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan.
Putting In
We were so glad to see so many repeat paddlers as well as all of the new faces. Wren Brady distributed the registration form to various kayak clubs in the area and it paid off. meeting
  Putting in from SeaBreeze Park. Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan.
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The Regatta
One new paddler told us that it was one of the most beautiful kayaking trips he had ever been on and was going to tell his club of 300+ members about next year’s regatta! Here the paddlers at the start going past the VIA dock. The 2013 Island Poker Regatta starting horn was blown at 9:45 AM and the paddlers were off!
Photo courtesy of Steve Nesius.
The Course.
The Concession and Griller volunteers did a wonderful job preparing and placing the food and feeding all of the hungry kayakers as they returned. meeting
  Donated food enjoyed by all. Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan.
Mike Koughan and Steve Nesius documented the event with their cameras, and Chris Holmes did a great job as the emcee for the door prizes raffle. meeting
  Bob showing ranking hands at poker. Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan.
The Winners
meeting Several Terra Ceia residents won prizes, many of which were donated by VIA members. Congratulations to Randy Shelton who won a prize for the third best poker hand! The lucky door prize winners were Jay Sewell, Beverly Birkitt, Christina Koughan, Lisa Lawrence, Jill Jacobsen and Alec Nesius.
1st Place Winner - Wendell Brown. Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan.
meeting Alec likely also won son of the year when he chose a beautiful handmade soap basket, made and donated by new member Tammy Pruett, as a Mother’s Day gift for his mom Janet.
Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan.
meeting 2nd Place Winner - Ian Archibald.
Photo by Mike Kougan
Once again, we would like to thank everyone who volunteered, made a dish and/or donated prizes. Without you, we would not have enjoyed such amazing success. And a very special thanks to our host and hostess, Bob and Tami Zonies!
meeting meeting meeting
3rd Place Winner - Randy Shelton! Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan. Patty Greenwood and Chris Holmes calling out door prize numbers. Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan. Smiling crowd in SeaBreeze pavillion listening while prizes are awarded. Photo courtesy of Mike Kougan.

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